All Grown Up

I remember the time when I was a rookie photographer. Everyone has to start somewhere right?! While I was in college I asked many of my coworkers to sit for portraits (free of charge) so I could build my portfolio. There were a few brave and generous souls who agreed. Leslie was one of them.

I met Leslie while we worked together at Stop & Shop. She was a teenager at the time and I liked her immediately. She was kind, funny and real. That is a tough combination to find in a person!

As I was editing her wedding photos this week, I decided to go into my archives to try and find the photos I took of her. I recall dragging her all over creation – Bristol, Providence etc. She was SO patient and I never forgot it.

Well, much hasn’t changed. She was an easy bride (and a beautiful one!)


SO happy for Leslie & Milton!

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14 in ’17!

This year marks our 14th year photographing weddings together! We are delighted to think about it, but also cringe as it is a reminder of how old we are!!! We’ve seen wedding trends come and go, but somethings never change…..


The tears in the groom’s eyes when he sees you for the first time.

The nerves right before you walk down the aisle.

The huge smile of relief as you exit the church! (Yay, you did it!)

That moment at dinner when you realize you can’t really sit down or eat too much because your dress is so tight (girl, it was worth it – you look MARVELOUS!!)

The moment the crowd cheers your husband on to smash cake in your face and he DOESN’T!! (You married the right one!)

Oh, and that last dance. The looks on your faces when the music stops and you can’t believe it is all over. Fear not though, you have the rest of your lives together!


To all our brides and grooms, thank you for sharing your big day with us.



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Tomorrow Is the Day

We are so excited to photograph
Leslie & Milton’s wedding 9-16-17!

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Returning To Their Roots

I met Melissa through our friend Carrie. These girls have been good friends forever, so I feel like I already know Melissa very well! It is really hard to get to know a couple in such a short time! We meet a few times, ask questions and try our best to get to the core of a couple and their special stories. This couple was really special to us. Gary proposed to Melissa under a willow tree at Colt State Park in Bristol, R.I. I’ve lived here my entire life and never knew one could walk underneath. Well, let me tell you it is beautiful and it was a great spot for photographs. How nice to have photos with such meaning. We were delighted to be part of your big day Melissa and Gary!

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The lashes
The lipstick
The sparkles
The laughing
The crying
The cake
The dancing
The love
The kisses


Best wishes Melissa & Gary

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What is Love?

We love LOVE. Love is the most magical part of our job. We have the honor of capturing it on film (well digital) all the time. What a gift. We are thinking about love this June. June is LGBT pride month. When we started shooting weddings over 10 years ago, same-sex marriage was not yet legal in the state of RI. It wasn’t until 2013 that we became the tenth state to legalize same-sex marriage. (R.I. -what took you so long?!)
It seems this year the world is filled with extra turmoil. We see it on the news and especially on social media. The world needs love now more than ever. Sometimes we wish people could see things from our perspective. Weddings are a state of euphoria. Smiles are plastered across people’s faces, hugs and kisses are exchanged at a rapid rate and people dance the night away in each other’s arms. Could we just bottle that energy up and spread it across the world? It would be nice wouldn’t it……

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Things That Never Get Old….

We’ve been reminiscing a lot lately about common mishaps or cliches at weddings. We’ve come to realize there are lots of things we will NEVER get sick of when it comes to shooting weddings.

  1. We’ll never get sick of the kids misbehaving. It might cause you some mega stress on your big day, but after you look at the photos, we promise you will remember and laugh about it.


2. Personalized weddings are the BEST. We LOVE to see your baby photos and the photos of your dearly departed. It makes a wedding feel like home.


3. The things you forget, that seem like a total emergency, make for great photos. This bride forgot to unpackage her sash. It was totally wrinkled and no one had an iron at the salon. Enter a bridesmaid with only a hair straigtning iron and a lamp to hang it from.


4. Don’t worry about the weather. The wind will work in your favor.
5. Take time to look around. It is NOT a cliche to say your big day flies by.
6. You won’t get grass stains.
7. Sunspots are not mistakes, they are sent from above.
8. Posing can be overrated. Be natural!
9. Some of the oddest places make for the best backdrops.
10. A girl cannot have enough photos of her fabulous shoes.

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Saying “YES!” to Your Dress

A post from Kristin:

   My wedding is over! I cannot believe it. All that planning and it just whizzed right by!! As a photographer, I am pretty obsessed with documenting events with photographs. I so wish I had documented my work and research before the wedding! I recall all the flowers and color swatches all over my desk and I felt so inspired! I so regret not photographing all my work! But I was just too busy.

Fast forward to dress shopping. My mother and I went dress shopping at a few local places and we left disappointed. I decided it was time to round up my girls and head to David’s Bridal. They would lift my spirits for sure. I invited Sarah along hoping she would document the day. She agreed (what a pal!!). I am so, so glad I did.
David’s was mobbed and there were dresses & girls EVERYWHERE. My best friend, my mom, Kevin’s daughter and my cousin were all there (with her baby, whom she was still breastfeeding-what a trooper!) We had so much fun! It was SUCH a special day. I remember coming out in “THE” dress and everyone was very excited. What a memorable day.

All of this got me thinking  – why don’t photographers capture these moments? I bet brides-to-be don’t even think about this since they have so much on their plate with all that planning. I know I am glad I asked Sarah that day.

   Sarah and I have been discussing this and we have decided we want to capture your “YES!”  Look for a new page on our website shortly with some photographs from my day and Rebeccah’s “YES” day too!

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Today’s Inspiration

Sarah & I are just finishing the series finale of Downton Abbey. After 6 seasons, we have seen our share of weddings on the show. We are feeling pretty inspired by the wedding fashions of some of the characters. Here are some of our favorites over the seasons –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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2016 will be our 13th year photographing weddings.

It seems like a short while back we were carrying rolls of film and eagerly awaiting their development! Fast forward to 2016 and here we are viewing the images right in front of our very eyes seconds later.

We want to thank all our brides & grooms for allowing us to share in your special day. We must admit though, we are starting to feel old since most of you have children and are celebrating milestone anniversaries!

We hope you enjoy our new site! We look forward to meeting MORE happy couples in the future!

Love, Kristin & Sarah

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